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Secret 20 and Stornaway 18


Scruffie Marine offers unique kit sailing boats, custom built timber boats, ready to sail fibreglass boats, and elegant solar-electric boats.
In production for over 25 years, designed in-house and built with care, the boats are a joy to sail, and beautifully styled in the spirit of tradition!

In addition we are developing a new range of sailing cargo ships with electric auxiliaries. Visit the Go Sail Cargo website to keep up to date with this range www.gosailcargo.com


Shimmy Sunshine Yellow

21 November 2019
Our new Super Shimmy 14 all glowing in cornflower yellow and ready for hull mouldings. . . . . . Read more about her . . . . here is the brochure.

Yellow Shimmy 1
Shimmy yellow 2

Shimmy yellow 3

Sharp Super Shimmy

31 October 2019
The Super Shimmy 14 is looking sharp — she’s had her preliminary sanding and now she’s ready for the final work to seal her shape. She’ll be used to make the new mould for the manufacture of solar-electric or sailing versions and designer Derek Ellard is carrying out the work himself to ensure she is fine-tuned to perfection . . . . . A small boat with big ambitions – she’s a silent, stable solution. We expect her to win the hearts of the private sailors and the respect of the commercial operators — Super Shimmy 14, a super solution! Spread the word — we’re looking for interested parties to take her on her journey . . . . here is the brochure.

Shimmy hull 1
Derek and the boat
Fine tuning hull
Shimmy hull 2

Shimmy 12 Video

Kael built the his Shimmy 12 as a school project and here he is sailing her!