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Scruffie Marine's Privacy Policy adheres to the ten National Privacy Principles as detailed in Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act 1988 and its amendments. The ComLaw website provides current information on this Act www.comlaw.gov.au

Visiting Scruffie Marine's Website

When visit the Scruffie Marine website no personal information is collected. Anonymous information may be collected by internet service providers and analytic tools which is used to determine such things as your web browser, computer platform, screen resolution, and viewing patterns while on the Scruffie Marine site.

When using Scruffie Marine's links to external websites, the privacy policy of that external website will apply.

Collection of Personal Information

In the operation of the business Scruffie Marine collects information required to provide good service to clients. Information recorded such as client contact name(s) and contact details will be requested via the client’s preferred contact method and will be available to the client on request. Only necessary information will be collected and sensitive information will only be collected with the client’s permission, or as required by law. Details will be kept secure and up to date.

Uses and Disclosures of Personal Information

Scruffie Marine will only use information provided by the client for the stated purpose and will not transfer personal or sensitive information outside Australia unless the client has consented or it is required by law. Instances where trans-border transfer of information may be required are for copyright assignments and copyright licenses. Scruffie Marine does not compile mailing lists for its own or third party marketing.

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