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Our new Sienna 19 rewrites the trailer sailer rule book. Safe, stable and sea-kindly, yet light responsive and astonishingly versatile. We challenge you to find another pocket cruiser with a better checklist.

Our Secret 33 combines Art Deco Elegance with abundant power — the sun. A lightweight solar array, lithium batteries, and a finely tuned hull together equal silent speed and limousine comfort. Watch the video.

Do you want a boat designed by a committee or do you want one distilled from over half a century of passion and experience? We apply the same principles to our slowest, smallest boat, the Shimmy 12 as we do to all our boats — we strive to do it better – watch Kael’s video.

The innovative timber kit boats, designed, manufactured and fine-tuned in Australia since 1992, have been exported around the world, built and sailed by amateurs and professionals alike. Decades of wonderful memories on the water!

Currently on the drawing board are a 40-passenger electric catamaran, a 21st century sailing barge, and a 46-foot gaffer — new directions in custom design.

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