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Sailing Cargo Ship

11 July 2018
There’s a great deal to be said for a clean sheet of paper. We used lots of them to design our new sailing cargo ship. The brief we set ourselves was simple: build a small cargo ship with zero emissions capable of loading 2 containers or 50 pallets or in fact anything else that could fit. . . . . We called the new ship Electric Clipper and for it to succeed every single aspect of its construction and operation had to be super efficient. It’s quick to load, quick on the water and marvellously cost effective — we’re in the business of simple solutions. From the Barbados to the Baltic and Brisbane to Brunei, there’s cargoes to shift! The world needs sailing cargo ships again — urgently. Here’s one that works. Go to our dedicated website Go Sail Cargo

Electric Clipper Electric Clipper with containers