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Sienna Evolution

24 January 2017
A beautiful new Sienna 19 EX is currently underway in our workshop for a South Australian customer. As usual we take the opportunity to reassess our build processes and our design features. In this case we’ve made a number of improvements, to the interior fit-out, seats, decks and coaming. The well proven hull and rig remain the same, however the fit-out re-design equates to a Mark II Model. . . . . As used in our successful Secret 33 build systems, Siennas will now feature foam-core GRP decks plus thermo-formed foam-core PVC coaming and cockpit seats, so maintenance is further reduced without sacrificing aesthetics or structural integrity. Down “below” the seating is raised up to accommodate the portable toilet under the mast with space for no less than five 105 amp hour AGM or lithium batteries. We’re offering inboard or outboard electric auxiliary with a real world range of up to 16 hours on one charge – and that’s cruising at 5 knots . . . . . Also available for the first time is a sealed pump-in, pump-out water ballast option with up to 200 litres for the short-handed or serious cruisers. The main advantage of this system is that the water volume is infinitely variable and fresh water can be used for extended cruising. We’ll be documenting many more features on the new model as the build progresses. Visit the Sienna 19 EX page to see her under sail.

Sienna 19 EX MK II