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Super Shimmy 14

17 October 2019
Recognising that the very popular Shimmy 12 had other roles to play, designer Derek Ellard set out to develop the design to carry five passengers or 350 kg of freight for use in resorts and other commercial applications. The private user will also appreciate her enhanced attributes, the new Shimmy is the perfect partner for work or play, available as solar-electric or solar-sailing . . . . . This is a boat for mass production in GRP, a flexible design that enables model variations to suit many tasks and applications, from a ship’s boat for Derek’s Go Sail Cargo Electric Clippers, to a fun resort boat to a robust work boat . . . . . A boat for the world, the Super Shimmy will shine!

Shimmy 14
A brand new boat takes shape
Shimmy 14 side view
The new Shimmy 14 prototype is a composite of strip plank and marine ply,
epoxy glassed all over. She’s longer, wider, and fuller in section.
Shimmy 14 frames
New frames for the new Shimmy
Shimmy 14 stem
Evolution — the stem on the right is for an original Shimmy 12, still in production,
the other is for the Shimmy 14.